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Translation Services

NachTee is a network made up of US and Spanish translators. We have worked together on numerous projects for leading companies in the finance, tourism, technology and construction sectors as well as for city and government agencies over the course of several years.

Economic and financial translation
  • Financial reports
  • Audit reports
  • Tender bids
  • Bank settlements
  • Financial contracts
Legal translation
  • Property contracts
  • Private contracts
  • Insurance policies
  • Auditors’ reports
  • International tenders
Marketing translation
  • Trade marketing plans
  • Range of products
  • Learning reviews
  • Plans for sponsorships
Fashion translation
  • Fashion articles
  • Lookbooks
  • Design guides
  • Shop window design guides
Technological translation
  • Translation of software
  • Translation of apps
  • Corporate texts for web pages
  • Technological patents
General and commercial translation
  • Press articles and interviews
  • Commercial brochures
  • Press releases and communiqués
  • Information dossiers
Sworn Translation
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Marriage certificates
  • Notarial deeds
  • Background checks.
  • Stylistic corrections
  • Adaptation to American or British English
  • Texts written by a non-native speaker

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About NachTee

About NachteeAlyssa Morse-Salvati started NachTee, a small network of professional translators, in Madrid in 2013 in order to serve the translation needs of the English-speaking world. NachTee is currently comprised of three translators: Alyssa Morse-Salvati and Emily Louisa Manning, both from the United States and Clara Ruiz, from Spain. Each one has extensive experience in translation and revision in various fields including, among others, finance, legal, insurance, fashion and new technologies.

Past projects

Sworn Translation of Criminal Record


250 words


10,000 words

Communications Consultancy

1,200 words
Corporate Marketing Material

Hotel Chain

1,600 words
License Agreement

Bicycle Manufacturer

2,500 words
Blog Entry

Hotel Chain

1,000 words
Shoe Catalogue

International Sportswear Brand

3,500 words
Sale and Purchase Agreement


4,000 words

Our clients

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